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Anhui Yunshui Surface Technology Co., Ltd

Factory building and construction: Chizhou factory is located in the Jiangnan industrial concentration area of Chizhou, Anhui Province. The State Council approved the establishment of Wanjiang urban belt to undertake industrial transfer demonstration area. The plan of Wanjiang urban belt to undertake industrial transfer demonstration area rises to the national level. As an important part of the National Regional strategy, Jiangnan district is highly valued by the national and provincial governments, and is given "first try" status Right, enjoy land, public finance, tax, investment, finance, foreign trade, project approval and many other preferential policies. In terms of economic management authority, Jiangnan District Management Committee not only enjoys the management power of Municipal People's government, but also enjoys part of provincial management power, which can greatly improve administrative efficiency and effectively provide administrative services.

Our company has two workshops in Deqi environmental protection surface treatment Industrial Park in Jiangnan industrial concentration area, the company name is Anhui Yunshui Surface Technology Co., Ltd., with a total area of 10890 ㎡. It is expected to deliver the workshop before October 2019, with a total planning of 16 electroplating machines, 32-64 electroplating lines in total.